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Government of Canada

Canadian government promotes transparency and gains valuable insight with AI and analytics platform


  • With recent advances in social, mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, governments and other organizations can listen more closely in order to understand the concerns of the public voice
  • For the organization's recent summit, a sentiment tracking and analysis tool was sought to gain insight into attendees’ thoughts, concerns and priorities


  • Leveraged AI and analytics to gain insight from unstructured social media content

  • Used data visualizations to help understand public sentiment

  • Revealed concerns and challenges to help government improve programs


Open Government program analyzes public opinion with AI-powered Voice of the Customer from OpenText Magellan

It’s always good to have official voices and official messages, but with AI-powered Voice of the Customer from OpenText Magellan, now we can compare this with what people actually want to have and what they think. It’s a pretty powerful tool.

Mélanie Robert
Executive Director, Open Government, Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

About Government of Canada

In 2011, Canada joined government leaders and civil society advocates from around the world to create the Open Government Partnership. The goal is for governments to become more transparent, accountable and responsive to their citizens to improve the quality of governance, as well as the quality of services that citizens receive. Canada’s own Open Government initiative is committed to giving Canadians open access to government data and promoting meaningful and honest dialogue between citizens and government.