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For decades, IT Operations focused on supporting employees. Then cloud and digitalization arrived, ushering in a sweeping new mandate—run the business, grow customer loyalty and cut IT costs while driving the business forward. But how can you evolve from cost center to value-delivery org when cloud complexity, IT costs and staff shortages block your way? An AI-based IT Operations platform is your answer.

How IT Operations can benefit business

Discover the advantages of IT Operations Management.

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  • Modernize the IT service experience

    Create superior ITSM user experiences without runaway costs and risks getting in the way.

  • Tame your cloud costs and carbon

    Get more cloud for your money with actionable insights, savings recommendations, self-service guardrails and sustainability reporting—all driven by FinOps.

  • Boost IT productivity and performance

    Automate AIOps to deliver the global observability, fast insights and efficient resolutions you need to keep digital business flowing.

  • Solve talent shortages with automation

    Use low-code/no-code automation for cloud, network and server management at scale.

Featured products

Meet higher standards for IT service performance despite cloud complexity, cost constraints and staff shortages. OpenText IT Operations management solutions form a unified, adaptable, AI-based platform that makes it possible.

IT Service Management

Modernize the ITSM experience.

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FinOps and Cloud Management

Optimize your cloud costs—cut waste and control spend.

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AIOps and Observability

Boost IT Operations productivity with AIOps and automation.

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Patch and Process Automation

Automate and orchestrate provisioning, configuration, patching, and compliance across your data center.

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Network Management

Boost network health and performance with comprehensive, enterprise-ready network management software.

Why choose IT Operations Cloud?

  • Advanced ITSM at lower TCO

    Deliver all the benefits of a modern IT service experience—happy users, efficient IT and better outcomes.

  • Cloud cost optimization with guardrails

    Get more cloud for your money by preventing surprise overages and inefficient cloud use.

  • Carbon footprint and sustainability reporting

    Step up your sustainability efforts with an easy, consumable way to measure and report on- and off-cloud impacts.

  • AIOps built for large-scale data ingestion

    Reduce staffing challenges with accelerated root cause identification and automated resolutions to known errors.

Leaders trust OpenText

See how customers are succeeding with IT Operations Cloud.

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SMAX, supported by cross-ITOM solution integration, streamlines service and asset management in a simplified IT landscape

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SMAX and AWS enable operational excellence and provide cost savings while improving customer service management processes

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