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Harness the power of transformative AI

Learn about the Cloud Editions 23.4 release highlights from Muhi S. Majzoub, OpenText EVP and Chief Product Officer

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Introducing OpenText Aviator

Prepare for take-off with the new, astounding AI capabilities in OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4. AI can drive phenomenal change in information management and help your organization take flight, so prepare for your AI journey now.

This CE release delivers the first set of OpenText Aviator capabilities, which form part of—the company’s innovation mission to shape the future using generative AI. OpenText Aviator is built into Titanium X, the company’s two-year roadmap to CE innovations every 90 days.

Smarter Digital Operations - business man with a superhero cape

Transform ITSM self-service with private generative AI

Unleash higher levels of productivity and deliver conversational, contextually relevant responses without compromising security with OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator.

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Smarter Cybersecurity - business man with a sword and shield

Improve security posture with the power of agile, AI threat detection

Harness the power of advanced machine learning models that continuously adapt to proactively protect against known and unknown threats with OpenText™ Cybersecurity Aviator.

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Smarter Devops - laptop with rocket engine

Accelerate application delivery with private AI and LLM-powered DevOps

Utilize conversational search to identify problem areas in the software development lifecycle and generate recommended actions to fix them with OpenText™ DevOps Aviator.

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Smarter information - business woman with cape

Supercharge content search with an intelligent assistant

Boost productivity with chat-based conversational search to navigate large volumes of content with OpenText™ Content Aviator.

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Smarter Experiences - business man with cape

Simplify customer communications with private generative AI

Leverage AI-assisted authoring to auto-generate contextual, highly personalized content with OpenText™ Experience Aviator.

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Smarter Connections - man on hoverboard

Revolutionize the internet of clouds

Proactively tackle risks and boost operational efficiency with a powerful LLM API integration with OpenText™ Business Network Aviator.

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Recent release highlights

Connect, manage, govern, and secure information from end to end in a multi-cloud environment

woman looking at a large screen

Improve supply chain ESG risk management

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man workin gon a tablet

Stand out with visually stunning and engaging communications

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two co-workers looking at a monitor

Deliver frictionless web-app experiences

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man working on a laptop

Establish AppSec posture management with a single pane of glass

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New integrations

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OpenText Cloud Editions benefits

  • Deploy and run anywhere

    Implement on-premises, in a hybrid environment or in preferred clouds, such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure or the OpenText Cloud.

  • Reduce total cost of ownership

    Spend less time and money managing, updating and integrating applications while also reducing risk and improving security.

  • Reduce IT dependency

    Use Docker containers and Kubernetes for automated deployment, dynamic scaling, high availability and simplified management in any environment.

  • Customize with confidence

    Isolate custom changes to minimize the effort involved in syncing with future updates.

  • Improve application portability

    Experience ultimate application portability, moving between environments faster and easier, whether testing new capabilities or migrating production environments.

  • Meet regulatory requirements

    Reduce organizational risk with regular security and process enhancements to stay current with regulatory and compliance requirements.

Explore the OpenText Cloud

  • AI

    Analyze massive amounts of data with artificial intelligence solutions. Get self-service insights and improved visibility and decision-making.

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  • Business Network

    Connect people, processes and technologies, and empower secure collaboration and real-time business intelligence in a single, unified platform capable of building global and sustainable supply chains, rapidly onboarding new trading partners and removing information silos.

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  • Content

    Modernize work through improved integrations, robust content management and intelligent automation, connecting content with the digital business to eliminate silos and provide convenient, secure and compliant remote access to information.

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  • Cybersecurity

    Enjoy peace of mind with best-in-class cybersecurity, data protection, digital forensic and endpoint security solutions. Find and collect complex evidence faster and respond to cyberthreats remotely.

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  • Developer

    Create compelling enterprise applications, enhance existing on-premises investments or extend solutions to the cloud faster and more cost-effectively with developer API services.

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  • DevOps

    Deliver more and better software than your competition, and do it faster, with OpenText application delivery management solutions. Automate DevOps, exploit VSM the easy way and accelerate difficult activities across your digital value stream—from planning, through development and testing, all the way to delivery.

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  • Experience

    Build memorable and tailored customer experiences using a single platform with an unmatched breadth of capabilities for servicing the entire customer journey.

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  • IT Operations

    Form a unified IT automation platform that enables IT to keep pace with digitization. Complete the move to cloud and address the skilled staff shortage by leaning on AI and automation to optimize IT.

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  • Application Modernization

    Find the unique balance between change, cost and risk by providing scalability, reliability and high security.

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  • Portfolio

    Support the mobile workforce convergence while providing complete compliance for highly regulated industries. Get secure access to data from any device, anywhere.

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