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The internet changed everything.

With AI, everything must change.

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of executives agree AI will enable connections across data types.[1]

OpenText Content Aviator

Supercharge intelligent workspaces with AI to modernize work.

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OpenText IT Operations Aviator

Redefine all Tier 1 business support functions with self-service with private generative AI.

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of organizations leverage AI to create new revenue channels.[2]

OpenText Cybersecurity Aviator

Reinvent threat hunting to improve security posture with the power of agile AI.

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OpenText Experience Aviator

Transform customer communications with private generative AI.

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identify improved speed to market as a generative AI benefit.[3]

OpenText DevOps Aviator

Elevate millions of developers with AI-powered DevOps experiences.

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OpenText Business Network Aviator

Revolutionize connectivity across the internet of clouds.

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Unlock the potential of AI for business

AI will change everything: Every industry, every organization, every role. OpenText powers and protects information. For 30 years, enterprises have trusted OpenText to manage operational and experience data leveraging AI. Now, with generative AI, there is a new layer of learning data that must be managed and advanced.

OpenText Aviator is not just another technology or business offering—it is a mission to reimagine the future of work by applying AI. Integrated into the OpenText business clouds, Aviator is a full stack suite of AI capabilities for enterprise use cases, including:

  • R&D/Software engineering
  • Support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer operations
  • Supply chain and Manufacturing
  • Corporate IT
  • Risk and compliance
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AI history and expertise you can trust

For decades, enterprises have turned to OpenText for help with information management complexities, giving us deep experience organizing, connecting, governing, and protecting all types of large data sets.

AI requires the foundational data strategies OpenText is known for. We have the unmatched expertise to ingest and fine-tune large and complex operational and experience data sets—wherever your data resides. Information automation makes data better. And the better the data, the better the AI.

From natural language processing to robotics to machine learning, our history of applying AI puts the future within your reach. What is decision support today will be decision automation tomorrow, and you can only get there with an AI foundation built on trust, experience, and security.

Benefit from AI that’s built for business

  • Keep data private and secure

    Your proprietary data should not have to be in public domains to run large language models (LLMs). Experiment with vetted LMMs in a sandbox environment to try new use cases while keeping your private data sets secure.

  • Employ the right AI model for the right job

    One size does not fit all. We help to vet LLMs against use cases and have a model squadron to get you started. It is about the outcomes you want from AI, and how we can help you achieve them.

  • Make the AI pivot with a trusted partner

    Business and technology transformations never end. OpenText Professional Services helps you explore the AI use cases and models that apply to your business and safely navigate the complexities of AI.

Explore Aviator solutions

Aviator for Business

Explore innovative AI capabilities of OpenText Aviator to reimagine work for your organization across all functional areas:

Aviator for Technologists

Get all you can out of AI with engineering platforms and tools to help your organization seamlessly establish information flows and orchestrate data.

  • OpenText™ Aviator Platforms
    Enable smarter decisions with enterprise-grade platforms to process, organize, and analyze large data sets of all types
  • OpenText™ Aviator Search
    Give users access to the answers they need, faster and easier, with multi-repository search capabilities that let you customize everything from clicks to conversations
  • OpenText™ Aviator IoT
    Connect people, systems, and things to reimagine how to best manage high-value assets and accelerate your business
  • OpenText™ Aviator Thrust and Thrust Studio
    Build it your way with OpenText Cloud APIs that create the real-time information flows that enable custom applications and workflows
  • OpenText™ Aviator Lab
    Experiment with AI with our professional services experts and explore what you can do with AI in the OpenText Private Cloud

OpenText Aviator Flight School

Come earn your wings

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Start your AI journey now! Load up to 1 million documents into the OpenText Private Cloud for a flat fee so you can start taking advantage of AI. Easily accomplish step one in days vs. months using OpenText Content Aviator and OpenText Aviator Search. Enable metadata and vectors to transform your content. Get your data ready to leverage large language models. Partner with OpenText AI experts to help you with prompt-tuning to start your AI journey.
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