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Healthcare automation specialist delivers rapid access to patient information with AI-powered data processing and secure data exchange from OpenText

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About Solarity

Solarity offers an intelligent automation engine that quickly and accurately identifies and analyzes all patient data, no matter its source or format—enabling better-informed clinical decisions for physicians and better outcomes for patients.

  • Integrations:
    6 EHR platforms
  • Clients served:
  • Transactions:
    500 million per year



  • Healthcare providers receive information from 1,000 data sources every 48 hours.
  • Manually keying data into EHR systems is time-consuming, costly and increases the risk of patient treatment delays.


  • Certified integrations between health provider EHR systems and OpenText RightFax enable secure data exchange.
  • The Solarity platform automatically files clinical information in client EHR systems.


  • Delivers 97% faster data access for physicians
  • Removes manual work and reduces costs
  • Promotes higher-quality experiences and outcomes


  • On average, U.S. health providers receive patient information from 1,000+ sources every 48 hours
  • Delays in providing information to physicians can lead to delays in treating patients
  • Manually inputting data into EHR systems is time-consuming and costly

To deliver outstanding patient care, health providers depend on timely access to information—including laboratory test results, consults, physician notes, and much more. Every 48 hours, a typical healthcare provider in the USA receives information from over 1,000 individual sources, primarily via electronic fax.

Intelligent automation specialist Solarity offers a platform that helps healthcare providers to streamline and optimize these critical data workflows.

Andrew Fehlman, CEO at Solarity, explains: “Whether a provider delivers in-patient or ambulatory care, the aim is to make data available to their physicians and clinicians as quickly as possible. To achieve this, providers move large volumes of inbound information into their electronic health record [EHR] systems every day—but performing this task manually presents tough challenges.”

Many healthcare providers rely on dedicated teams to identify and classify information, and then attach the information to the appropriate patient record based on their organization’s specific EHR document taxonomy. However, this approach makes it extremely difficult to ensure accuracy and consistency, as multiple individuals must make subjective judgements about how information should be classified and filed.

Crucially, manual processing significantly increases the risk of delays in moving information into the EHR, which has the potential to disrupt front-line care services. This was the situation facing one of Solarity’s clients, a large group practice and multi-disciplinary provider with multiple locations across the northeastern United States. For several years, the provider has used an Epic-certified integration between its EHR system and OpenText RightFax™ to securely exchange data with external health partners.

Fehlman elaborates: “In the past, our client assigned several full-time equivalents to comb through inbound information, much of which it received electronically via OpenText RightFax. It was often difficult for the organization to get information into their EHR in a timely manner, and often took more than a week to add information to patient records. As a result, physicians and clinicians were sometimes unable to access information when they needed it—leading to wasted patient appointments, unnecessary re-ordering of medical tests, and higher operational costs.”


On average, the Solarity platform and OpenText RightFax allow us to deliver healthcare data to our client within four to six hours, which is up to 97% faster than before.

Andrew Fehlman
CEO, Solarity


Solarity integrated its client’s OpenText RightFax solution with Solarity’s own innovative AI platform. Today, the Solarity platform automatically captures, validates, interprets and files clinical information in the client’s EHR system in near-real time.

Products deployed

Cutting out manual data processing

By combining the reliability, scalability and security of OpenText RightFax with its own AI and natural-language processing capabilities, Solarity empowers the large group practice and many other healthcare organizations to eliminate manual data processing.

Fehlman states: “OpenText is the perfect partner for Solarity, offering a world-leading portfolio of solutions for secure transmission and receipt of sensitive personal healthcare information. By incorporating our AI platform into the ‘last mile’ of the data processing workflow, we can make information usable and get it into the hands of the providers quickly and cost-effectively.”

Embracing intelligent automation

A team of professional services experts from Solarity guided its client through the solution implementation process.

“For our clients, the deployment experience is very straightforward,” says Fehlman. “Solarity does the heavy lifting, so providers can focus on their core competencies. In the case of this large group practice, we worked closely with the company’s health information management team, operations and physician leaders to identify the desired EHR information flows, and configured the Solarity platform to ensure that all data is filed correctly.”

Rapid data processing—guaranteed

Solarity’s client now enjoys the peace of mind that all information will be available in its Epic EHR system within a service-level agreement (SLA) of 12 hours. If the Solarity AI platform is unable to confidently determine how information should be filed, it automatically forwards edge cases to a dedicated team of human experts for rapid processing.

Fehlman confirms: “By combining an effective AI platform with a 24/7 services offering, we can offer clients practically any service level they require. For example, the nature of this provider’s business means that a 12-hour SLA is sufficient to ensure that clinicians always have up-to-date records, since patient appointments are made one day in advance at the earliest. For other clients where physicians engage with patients multiple times a day, we offer SLAs of under an hour—meaning information is available in near-real time.”


We look forward to working side-by-side with OpenText to help many more healthcare providers put data to work for the benefit of patients—quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Andrew Fehlman
CEO, Solarity


Since moving to the Solarity solution, the large group practice has cut out the lengthy delays associated with manual data entry—shrinking the average time to add information into its Epic EHR system from over one week to well below 12 hours.

Delivering 97% faster data access for physicians

Today, Solarity processes more than six million transactions a year for the large group practice, many of which originate as electronic faxes sent via OpenText RightFax. By embracing AI-powered data management from Solarity, the provider can deliver consistently high-quality patient experiences.

“On average, the Solarity platform and OpenText RightFax allow us to deliver healthcare data to our client within four to six hours, which is up to 97% faster than before,” states Fehlman.

Removing manual work and reducing costs

By infusing intelligent automation into the data management process, Solarity enables its client to significantly reduce operational costs.

Fehlman comments: “Even with a health information management department working flat-out to input data, it only took one public holiday for the whole organization to fall behind. Thanks to the Solarity platform, our client has solved that challenge while saving half a million dollars in annual operational costs. As a result, they can focus their resources on delivering value to patients in other areas.”

Promoting higher-quality experiences and outcomes

Solarity and OpenText have formed a strong partnership, which will allow both organizations to extend the benefits of secure electronic fax with AI-powered data processing to more healthcare companies across North America. The partnership will also allow businesses to accelerate their journey to cloud by migrating their telephony to OpenText RightFax Connect—a flexible, scalable cloud faxing solution.

“OpenText has an extensive footprint in healthcare, and going forward there will be powerful synergies in working together,” concludes Fehlman. “We look forward to working side-by-side with OpenText to help many more healthcare providers put data to work for the benefit of patients—quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.”