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Transform productivity with an AI-powered intelligent assistant

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Find content faster with an AI-powered assistant

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Organizations crave speed and precision, with 41% of knowledge workers eager to banish repetitive tasks. Imagine a world where you can free up your employees' precious time, catapulting your organization to new heights of modern work efficiency and innovation.

OpenText™ Content Aviator brings the power of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) into OpenText content services platforms, including OpenText™ Core Content, OpenText™ Extended ECM and OpenText™ Documentum™. Putting chat-based conversational search, content discovery, summarization, and translation right at employees’ fingertips, Content Aviator boosts productivity and revolutionizes how they interact with content and extract insights.

Free up 60-70% of employees’ time

Discover content faster with an intelligent assistant

  • Find content at the speed of light

    Eliminate frustration and the need to manually sift through large volumes of information and find what you need—faster.

  • Activate knowledge-sharing beast mode

    Promote knowledge sharing and ensure valuable insights and data are consistently identified, utilized, and re-used across projects.

  • Cut through the noise

    Reduce information overload and keep users focused, ensuring they only receive content relevant to their tasks, roles, and permissions.

  • Mitigate risk to maximize value

    Leverage the powerhouse combination of business workspaces and foundational information governance to control chaos and get the best answers based on the most relevant content.

  • Keep data secure and impenetrable

    Work with the peace of mind that business and user data will never be used for model training without consent.

  • Empower advanced outcomes

    Put AI into the hands of users to reduce repetitive work and enable teams to focus on higher value tasks.

Unlock the future of modern work

Focus on high-value tasks instead of getting lost in content navigation

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  • Conversational search

    Activate interactive, chat-based search and use natural language questions to effortlessly find relevant information and reduce repetitive work.

  • Smarter content insights

    Empower your team to act, not process. Distill content and workspaces into easily digestible summaries, enhancing both accessibility and usability.

  • Multilingual support

    Translate and generate content in multiple languages to break down language barriers and make information more accessible.

  • Trusted data

    Give users the confidence to use generative AI based on safe models and an ethical approach that minimizes common risks, like hallucinations and false answers.

OpenText Aviator Flight School

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Start your AI journey now! Load up to 1 million documents into the OpenText Private Cloud for a flat fee so you can start taking advantage of AI. Easily accomplish step one in days vs. months using OpenText Content Aviator and OpenText Aviator Search. Enable metadata and vectors to transform your content. Get your data ready to leverage large language models. Partner with OpenText AI experts to help you with prompt-tuning to start your AI journey.
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Aviator for Business

Explore innovative AI capabilities of OpenText Aviator to reimagine work for your organization across all functional areas:

Aviator for Technologists

Get all you can out of AI with engineering platforms and tools to help your organization seamlessly establish information flows and orchestrate data.

  • OpenText™ Aviator Platform
    Enable smarter decisions with enterprise-grade platforms to process, organize, and analyze large data sets of all types
  • OpenText™ Aviator Search
    Give users access to the answers they need, faster and easier, with multi-repository search capabilities that let you customize everything from clicks to conversations
  • OpenText™ Aviator IoT
    Connect people, systems, and things to reimagine how to best manage high-value assets and accelerate your business
  • OpenText™ Aviator Thrust and Thrust Studio
    Build it your way with OpenText Cloud APIs that create the real-time information flows that enable custom applications and workflows
  • OpenText™ Aviator Lab
    Experiment with AI with our professional services experts and explore what you can do with AI in the OpenText Private Cloud

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Transform user productivity with an AI powered intelligent assistant

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Unlock the future of modern work

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